Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Puppet Power...

We've heard it before. The economy has changed and people are cutting back on spending. This means, many spring break family vacations have been largely scaled back or omitted all together! If you're one of the millions staying home this year, you may want to supplement some of the expensive fun with some budget-friendly ideas! Here's one for you...

Available for $2 (plus shipping) at my etsy shop, these blank hand puppets are a wonderful time filler. Gather white school glue, fabric scraps, google eyes, markers, or anything else you have on hand. Then, encourage your child to get to work making a puppet! Ask your child to name the puppet, and keep the conversation open. Maybe she can tell you a story about the puppet, or act out a situation that's been bugging her lately or causing her problems at school (a bully perhaps). Get two and make your own along with your child, and you're sure to have a memorable afternoon full of good communication and giggles!

Enjoy your day!

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