Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Budget Baby Shower...The Breakdown

It's not necessary to run to the nearest party supply store and load your cart with every matchy-matchy premade item you can find. Anyone can accomplish a much better look for a much better price. I promise! It just takes a little planning and some creative thinking.

I recently took on the honor of planning this baby shower for a very dear friend of mine...

Here's a look at some of the little details...

How did I accomplish this look...

4 Baby Blue Tablecloths $8.00 ($1.99/each)
12 Dollar Tree Vases $12.00 ($1/each) 3 per table
4 Red Gerbera Daisies $9 ($2.25/stem) 1 in center vase of each table
24 Red Carnations $24 ($1/stem) 6 per table/3 in each vase
4 White "Love" Clay Tags $6.50 Marley & Lockyer on Etsy 1 tied to each center vase
Red & White Polka Dot Snack Cups $5.00 (Used 16/Purchased in set of 24) HeyYoYo on Etsy
Red Cupcake Liners $3.33 for 24 HeyYoYo on Etsy
Personalized Cupcake Toppers $7.80 for 13 Bushel+Peck Paper (All my stand holds, but we served more)
"Thank You" Banner $18 Bushel+Peck Paper
"BOOKS" Sign Tied to Basket $2 Bushel+Peck Paper (Guests asked to bring book instead of card)
Love Notes Printable $8/set One Sweet Party on Etsy
White Frame for Printable $8 on clearance at Michaels
I already had the red tissue paper on hand $0 (originally paid $1.25/24 sheets used 66 sheets)
2 Spools of Red Ribbon $1.00 ($.50/each) at Michaels (ribbon also used on vases and to make clothesline)
1 Spool of Baby Blue Ribbon $.50 at Michaels (ribbon also used on vases)
1 Spool Red Ribbon with White Detail $2.87 at Michaels
1 Spool of Silver Floral Wire $1.99 at Michaels
Ribbon Counted Above $0
Cardboard $0 (cut from diaper box at home)
2 Elephant Stickers $3.99/set of 36 stickers California Craft on Etsy
2 White Buttons $0 (had on hand)
16 Clothespins $0 (had on hand)
1 Sheet of Clearance Scrapbook Paper $.50 at Michaels (Mod Podged to Pins)
1 White Hanging Tin Marker Cup $0 (had on hand but originally paid $1 at Dollar Tree)
Markers Borrowed From Personal Stash $0


Not bad, if you ask me! What were some of your original guesses?

Of course, there was the cost of food, but we even tried to save there. Premade lemonade was $2 from Walmart, but we cut three fresh lemons and added a dash of sugar to give a homemade look and taste. We also saved costs on the cupcakes by making them ourselves from scratch. The total cost for food was around $75! All of the serving dishes and drink dispenser were already ours!

The burp clothes for the clothesline (guests were asked to decorate one for the mommy to take home) were just $12 at Walmart. I also found four onesies on clearance at Target for $3.38 that I added to the line!

We also had the cost of plates, napkins, cups and plastic utensils. The utensils were bought for $1 at Dollar Tree, and everything else was less than $12 at a local party supply store.

I hope this has inspired you, and please let me know if you have any additional questions or need some advice for your next party!

Enjoy your day!

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