Friday, May 6, 2011

A Job for Siblings too...

As everyone knows, bringing another baby into the home can be a stressful time for both parents and siblings. Older children watch us busily preparing the house. We're shopping, painting and decorating a new room for baby, and sometimes we forget to help little hands take ownership of what's happening around them. This sense of ownership, or "helping", can really lesson the change. One of my favorite ways to ease the transition, and make older children feel more involved and control of their surroundings, is to have them create a piece of artwork for the nursery!

Go to your local craft supply store and purchase one blank canvas for each child. Next, get a few acrylic paint colors that match the theme of the nursery. When home, put your child(ren) in play clothes and encourage them to make a painting for their sister/brother. {Watch how often you use the word "new". This can make some children feel like they're being replaced!}

Be sure you get really excited and praise your child for all of their help! Take lots of pictures of the process too.

Paityn Prepares for Brother Coltin

When done, ask your child to help pick a place to hang their masterpiece. Make sure to give them a choice of two spots you'd like it to be displayed. This way you really have control over it, your child isn't getting overwhelmed with choices, and a decision is made smoothly!

Paityn's Work Proudly Displayed

Later on, reserve a special place in your baby book to talk about the art project. Have your child decide which pictures should go inside the book too!

When visitors start to pour in to see your newborn, your older children can excitedly show off their addition to the nursery too. This way, everyone feels the love!

Enjoy your day!

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